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  • Improved Medication Adherence.
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  • Convenience.
  • Data-Driven Healthcare.
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Revolutionizing Health Care with

  1. Upload Reports
  2. Easily upload and securely store your medical reports for convenient access, anytime and anywhere, within our trusted platform.

  3. Share Reports with Doctors via SMS
  4. In times of crisis, every second counts. Effortless report sharing with your trusted healthcare professionals. Stay connected easily.

  5. Create a UHID for your Family members
  6. Safeguard your family's health by creating UHID profiles for seamless medical data management and informed healthcare decisions.

  7. Create UHID for your pets
  8. Extend UHID's benefits to your furry friends! Create UHID profiles for your pets to track their health and wellness."

We believe in a future where care is available for all, when and
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40+ Categories in Speciality

Are you or someone you love having a hard time finding a good doctor? With One
Health Assist, you can easily find the right doctors with speciality that you need.

You’ve got questions, We’ve got answers

What is the One Health Assist healthcare platform?
One Health Assist is a comprehensive medical app that seamlessly connects patients with experienced doctors and healthcare services. We offer a range of essential services, including appointment scheduling and access to medical records, all within one convenient platform. Each medical record is linked to a Unique Health ID (UHID) assigned to every family member.
How do I create a One Health Assist account?
Creating your One Health Assist account is simple. Visit our website or download our user-friendly doctor's app, click "Sign Up," and follow the prompts. Enter your personal information, and contact details, and create your unique login credentials. It's as easy as One, two, three!
How can I schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider on One Health Assist?
Scheduling an appointment with a physician on One Health Assist is a breeze. Log in to your account, head to the appointment scheduling section, and choose from a list of experienced doctors. Whether you need help with anxiety or any other medical concern, finding the right specialist is just one click away.
Can I have virtual consultations with healthcare providers on One Health Assist?
Absolutely! One Health Assist offers virtual consultation services. If you're looking for online doctors for anxiety or other health-related concerns, simply select your preferred healthcare provider, choose a convenient time slot, and start your secure virtual consultation via one-click video conferencing.
How can I access my medical records on One Health Assist?
Accessing your medical records is a straightforward process on One Health Assist. Navigate to the 'Medical Records' section in your account and easily view your health history. You can even grant access to healthcare providers when needed, all while keeping your information secure in one place, linked to your Unique Health ID (UHID).
Is my personal information secure on One Health Assist?
Your privacy and security are our top priorities. One Health Assist employs robust security measures, including encryption and compliance with data protection regulations. Rest assured that your information, linked to your Unique Health ID (UHID), is as secure as possible.

What set us apart ?

Digital Records

One Health Assist appreciates you uploading all your and your family's medical data keeping them secure and accessible through our medical app, linked to your Unique Health ID (UHID).

User Centric Design

We prioritize your experience. Our platform is designed with you in mind, ensuring that it's intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

Data Security

Your privacy is paramount, and we employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect your information, including your Unique Health ID (UHID).

Empowering Patients

We believe that informed patients make better healthcare decisions. That's why we provide tools and resources to help you take control of your health.

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What Our Customers Say?

Ashmita Hude

"The online medical records and consultations platform has been a game-changer for me.I can easily access all my medical records, schedule appointments, and have virtual consultations with healthcare providers from the comfort.."

Sneha Singh

"I love how the platform allows me to have virtual consultations with my doctor. It saves me time and hassle, especially for routine check-ups and follow-ups. The ability to securely access my medical records online is an added bonus. Highly recommended!"


As a busy professional, the online medical records and consultations platform has been a lifesaver. I can quickly schedule appointments, have video consultations, and access my medical history whenever I need it. It has made healthcare more.."

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